Fences are a great way to protect your garden and keep children and pets safe while keeping some unwanted wildlife out.


However, building fences is hard work that can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Solution: We’ve been installing fences in the area for decades and we can help with all kinds of fencing projects from wood privacy fences to chain link dog kennels. Our fence installation services will have your property looking great in no time!


Fencing provides various uses for outdoor areas, from security or privacy to providing plant support or points of interest within your property

There are many styles available, depending on the intention, such as:

– Solid fencing

– Post and rail

– Bow topped

– Feather board

– Venetian

– Woven

– Trellis



Different looks for outdoor areas can be achieved by choice of style, adding fencing paint and placement. Fencing can be subtle or make a statement – the choice is yours! We will work with you to decide what type of fencing is most suitable to achieve what you need. We will prepare the area and install all fencing efficiently and with minimum disruption to existing planted areas. 


Fencing is a great way to protect the privacy of your property and prevent unwanted wildlife from entering your property. Other than the visual appeal of fencing and its role in protecting your property, it also serves a functional purpose. Fencing is often used to keep animals and people out of areas where they are not wanted.


Fencing your garden is a great way to ensure your plants and flowers remain where you want them and to prevent unwanted animals, such as dogs, from climbing over your garden and damaging your plants. The great thing about fencing is that it is easy to install and can be made from more environmentally friendly materials than metal or wooden fencing.